Astronomy & Astrophysics Seminars
Fall 2013

Wednesdays at 1:40PM, Room 1400 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building

Refreshments at 1:30PM



Speaker Title
28 Aug *No Seminar (First day of class)
04 Sep Ed Cackett, Wayne State X-ray Reverberation in AGN
11 Sep Emily Rauscher, Princeton Atmospheric Circulation Models of Hot Jupiters: Exploring Exotic Regimes and Predicting Observable Properties
18 Sep Eric Huff, Ohio State What Can We Learn about Lensing from Galaxies?
25 Sep Devin Silvia, MSU

Investigating Chemical Evolution: Supernova Dust Destruction and Non-equilibrium Ionization Chemistry

02 Oct Justin Linford, MSU High Energy + High Resolution: The Parsec-Scale Radio Properties of Gamma-Ray Emitting Blazars
09 Oct Alison Sills, McMaster Steller Mergers and Interactions: Yes, Virginia, Stars Do Collide
16 Oct Kathy Rhode, Indiana University Something Old, Something New: Stellar Population Studies of External Galaxies
Note that the October 17th P-A Colloquium is a talk by Steinn Sigurdsson of Penn State entitled "Black Holes: Overcrowding and Population Controls"
23 Oct Sam Skillman, KIPAC/Stanford

Galaxy Clusters: Plasma Physics Laboratories and a Grand Challenge for Computational Astrophysics

30 Oct No Talk No Talk this date
06 Nov Matt Walker, Carnegie Mellon Dark Matter in the Smallest Galaxies
13 Nov Linda Strubbe, CITA Studying Massive Black Holes Using the Tidal Disruption of Stars
20 Nov Mark Brodwin, University of Missouri - Kansas City The Era of Star Formation in Galaxy Clusters

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