Astronomy & Astrophysics Seminars
Spring 2015

Wednesdays at 1:30PM, Room 1400 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building




Speaker Title
07 Jan No Seminar NA
14 Jan Faculty Roundup Research Discusions
21 Jan Colette Salyk, NOAO Observing the Formation of Planetary Diversity (abstract)
27 Jan

Joint HEP/AST Note: Tuesday

Damiano Caprioli - Princeton

First - Principles Simulations of Particle Acceleratioon at Astrophysical Shocks


04 Feb Sean Couch, CA Institute of Technology

Turbulent Frontiers in Massive Stellar Death (abstract)

11 Feb Christopher Malone, Los Alamos National Laboratory Thermonuclear Supernovae on Supercomputers (abstract)
18 Feb Amanda Karakas, Australian National University Heavy Elements in Red Giant Stars (abstract)
25 Feb Rodrigo Fernandez, University of CA, Berkeley Neutron Star Mergers: A Source of Gravitational Waves, R-Process Elements and Electromagnetic Transients (abstract)
04 Mar Luke Roberts, CA Institute of Technology Neutrinos, Photons, and Nucleosynthesis from Newly Formed Compact Objects (abstract)
11 Mar *No Seminar (Spring Break)
18 Mar Paul Ricker, Illinois A History of Violence: Galaxies in Cluster Environments (abstract)
25 Mar Ryan Chornock, Ohio University Exotic Supernovae and Tidal Disruption Events from the Pan-STARRS1 Survey (abstract)
01 Apr Robin Shelton, UGA Simulations of the Fast and Furious Lives of High Velocity Clouds (abstract)
08 Apr Nicole Zellner, Albion Impacts in the Earth-Moon System-What, When, and Why? (abstract)
15 Apr Jonelle Walsh, Texas Measuring Black Holes in Compact Galaxies (abstract)
22 Apr Yuan Li, Michigan Cooling, AGN Feedback and Star Formation in Cool-Core Galaxy Clusters (abstract)
29 Apr Will Clarkson, University of Michigan, Dearborn New Adventures of an Old Bulge; the Milky Way Bulge in the 21st Century (abstract)
07 May Reserved

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