Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminars - Fall 1997

MSU Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminars take place in Room 224 of the Physics-Astronomy Building on the MSU Campus on Fridays at 4:00 pm. Seminar chair for Fall 1997 is Suzanne Hawley, email

Handicap accommodations may be requested by calling 353-4540 one day prior to each seminar date to ensure sufficient time to make arrangements.

12 September 1997
Speaker: Lamya Saleh, Michigan State University
Title: "Chemical Evolution Modeling of the Early Galaxy"

19 September 1997:
Speaker: Bruna Grimberg and Sue Simkin, Michigan State University
Title: "The Effect of Nuclear Activity on the Disk of PKS349-27"

26 September 1997
Speaker: Regner Trampedach, Aarhus University, Denmark
Title: "Near Surface Properties of Convection in Stars"

03 October 1997
Speaker: Astronomy Faculty Members, Michigan State University
Title: "Faculty Show and Tell"

10 October 1997:
Speaker: Thomas Zurbuchen, University of Michigan
Title: "Latest Ulysses Results and the Structure of the Solar Corona"

17 October 1997
Speaker: Joseph Mohr, University of Michigan
Title: "The Galaxy Cluster Size-Temperature Relation: Observation and Simulation"

24 October 1997
Speaker: Bill Abbett, Michigan State University
Title: "Particle Beams, X-rays and H-alpha: Solar Flares or Star Trek"

31 October 1997
Speaker: Bill Cochran, University of Texas
Title: "Making Sense out of Extra-Solar Planets"

7 November 1997
Speaker: Don Terndrup, Ohio State University
Title: "Rotation and Mixing in Stars: Where do we go from here?"

14 November 1997
Speaker: Don Garnett, University of Minnesota
Title: "Abundance Patterns in Spiral Galaxies"

21 November 1997
Speaker: John Gizis, Caltech/University of Massachussetts
Title: "M-subdwarfs: The Lowest Mass Stars in the Halo"

5 December 1997
Speaker: Kirk Korista, Western Michigan University
Title: "Quasars, the Birth of Galaxies"

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