Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminars - Spring 1998

MSU Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminars take place in Room 224 of the Physics-Astronomy Building on the MSU Campus on Fridays at 4:00 pm. Seminar chair for Spring 1998 is Timothy Beers, email

Handicap accommodations may be requested by calling 353-4540 one day prior to each seminar date to ensure sufficient time to make arrangements.

16 January 1998
Speaker: OPEN

23 January 1998:
Speaker: Kris Sellgren, Ohio State University
Title: "ISO Observations of Infrared Emission Features in the ISM"

30 January 1998
Speaker: OPEN

06 February 1998
Speaker: OPEN

13 February 1998
Speaker: David Weinberg Ohio State University
Title: "Cosmology with the Lyman-Alpha Forest"

20 February 1998:
Speaker: Christine Clement, University of Toronto
Title: "Evolution of Horizontal Branch Stars in Globular Cluster; New Approaches"

27 February 1998
Speaker: OPEN

06 March 1998
Speaker: Jeff Kuhn
Title: "Here Comes the Sun -- Adventures in High Altitude Solar Observing"

13 March 1998

20 March 1998
Speaker: Karen Bjorkman, University of Toledo
Title: "Evidence for Disks in the Circumstellar Envelopes of Hot Stars"

27 March 1998
Speaker: David Gray, University of Western Ontario
Title: "51-Pegasi -- Keeper of an Extra-Solar-System Planet or a Wiggley Star?"

03 April 1998
Speaker: Earl Spillar, University of Wyoming/STARFire
Title: "Adaptive Optics"

10 April 1998
Speaker: Michael Hamlin, Michigan State University
Title: "TBA"

17 April 1998
Speaker: Michael West, St. Mary's University
Title: "Formation of Giant Elliptical Galaxies -- New Clues from Globular Clusters"

22 April 1998 (NOTE SPECIAL DAY!)
Speaker: Neill Reid, Caltech
Title: "Hipparcos and the Age of the Milky Way"

01 May 1998
Speaker: Astronomy Student Talks (Senior Thesis), Michigan State University
Title: "TBA"

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