Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminars - Spring 1999

MSU Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminars take place in Room 224 of the Physics- Astronomy Building on the MSU Campus on Fridays at 4:00 pm. Seminar chair for Spring 1999 is Susan Simkin, (email

Handicap accommodations may be requested by calling 353-4540 one day prior to each seminar date to ensure sufficient time to make arrangements.

22 January 1999
Speaker: Timothy Beers (MSU)
Title: The Nature of the Early Universe from Studies of Metal-Deficient Stars in the Milky Way  

29 January 1999
Speaker: Sydney DeSilva (MSU)
Title: Time-Distance Helioseismology

05 February 1999
Speaker: Brian Fields (U Il, Urbana)
Title: The X-Files: Galactic Cosmic Ray Nucleosynthesis Revived?

12 February 1999
Speaker: Robin Ciardullo (Penn State)
Title: Planetary Nebulie Nuclie - Intergalactic Stars.

19 February 1999
Speaker: Hidi Newberg (Fermie Lab)
Title: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First Slices of Pi

26 February 1999
Speaker: Doug Duncan (Education Secretary for the AAS)
Title: Astronomy Educational Outreach, K-12
Doug has the following request:
"... anyone who might attend ..(please) anwswer the following one question:
What is your goal when it comes to outreach?
email the... answer directly to me:"

05 March 1999
Speaker: Suzanne Hawley (MSU+)
Title: Informal Readings from a Book in Progress

12 March 1999
Title: (No SEMINAR)

19 March 1999
Speaker: Steve Shore ( Indiana Univ., South Bend)
Title:"The Most Massive Stars at the Ends of Their Lives: The Luminous Blue Variables"

26 March 1999
Speaker: Robert Stein (MSU)
Title:"Realistic Simulations of Solar Surface Convection "

02 April 1999
Speaker: Robert Millis (Lowell Obs)
Title: The Kuiper Belt

09 April 1999
Speaker: Sumner Starrfield (U of Az)
Title: Hot Flashes from Nova

16 April 1999
Speaker: Taft E. Armandroff (NOAO)
Title:Dwarf Spheroidal Companions to M31

23 April 1999
Speaker: Jay Frogel (Ohio State)
Title: TBD

30 April 1999 (Time - TBD)
Speaker: Eva-Marie Irrgang and Susan Musser
Titles: Imaging with the MSU IR Camera (MS); Spectra of Radio Galaxies (Pract icum)

30 April 1999
Speaker: Undergraduate Students
Title: JIP and Senior Theses

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