Michigan State University

Department of Physics & Astronomy

CMP Seminar Schedule Spring 2019

Mondays at 4:10 p.m., Room 1400 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Bldg.
Refreshments at 3:45 p.m.

Speaker Title Host
7 January   S1
A1 H1
14 January   David Geohegan
(Oak Ridge NL)
Toward Synthetic Control over Heterogeneity and Functionality in Optoelectronic Two-Dimensional Materials David Tomanek
21 January   Gavin Burnell
(Leeds U. UK)
Burnell-title Norman Birge
28 January   Mackillo Kira
(U. Michigan)
Kira-abstract Tyler Cocker
4 February   S4
A4 H4
11 February   Andrew Houck
(Princeton U.)
Houck-title Mohammad Maghrebi
18 February   V. Ara Apkarian
(UC Irvine)
Spectro-microscopy with atomically confined light Tyler Cocker
25 February   James Engstrom
(Cornell U.)
Engstrom-title Pengpeng Zhang
4 March   No seminar: APS March Meeting
11 March   Tom C. Lubensky
(U. Pennsylvania)
Metamaterials and Topological Mechanics David Tomanek
18 March   Vasili Perebeinos
(SUNY Buffalo)
Optoelectronics with 2D materials from microscopic modeling David Tomanek
25 March   Ilias Perakis
(U. Alabama - Birmingham)
Perakis-title Chong-Yu Ruan
1 April   Avadh Saxena
(Los Alamos NL)
Saxena-title David Tomanek
8 April   Daniel Mittleman
(Brown U.)
Mittleman-title Tyler Cocker
15 April   Michael Manfra
(Purdue U.)
Manfra-title Johannes Pollanen

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Organized by Tyler Cocker and David Tomanek
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c o r d s j e s -AT- p a dot m s u dot e d u

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