Fall Semester 1997 MSU Department of Physics & Astronomy

Mondays, 4:10 p.m. in Room 224 Physics-Astronomy Bldg.; refreshments at 3:50 p.m.

Sept. 08
John Carini, Indiana University [E-mail Speaker]
Quantum Critical Dynamics at the Metal Insulator Transition
Sept. 15
Norman Birge, Michigan State University [E-mail Speaker]
Electron Reservoirs and Mesoscopic Wires
Sept. 22
Cancelled due to illness:
Harold Baranger, Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs
Chaos in Quantum Dots: Conductance and Orbital Magnetism
Replaced on short notice (Thank you!) by:
Dr. Sushanta Dattagupta, Jawharlal Nehru University (New Delhi) [E-mail Speaker]
Relaxation in a Model Quantum Glass
Sept. 29
Daniel Neumann, NIST [E-mail Speaker]
The Structure, Phase Transition and Dynamics of Solid Cubane
Oct. 06
Punit Boolchand, University of Cincinnati [E-mail Speaker]
Raman Scattering in Chalcogenide Glasses
Oct. 13
David Vanderbilt, Rutgers University [E-mail Speaker]
First Principles Theory of Ferroelastic Perovskites
Oct. 20
Alberto Rojo, University of Michigan [E-mail Speaker]
Coulomb Drag
Oct. 27
Anna Balazs, University of Pittsburgh [E-mail Speaker]
Modeling the Interfacial Behavior in Polymeric Systems
Nov. 03
Rong Liu, Michigan State University [E-mail Speaker]
Charge Density Wave Induced Energy Gaps
Nov. 10
Julie Borchers, NIST [E-mail Speaker]
Diffuse Scattering Measurements in Co/Cu Multilayers
Nov. 17
Albert Sievers, Cornell University [E-mail Speaker]
Hole Burning in Chalcogenide Glasses
Nov. 24
Jeremy Broughton, NRL [E-mail Speaker]
Coupling Lengths Scales from Tight Binding to Molecular Dynamics to Finite Element in Quartz and Silica
Dec. 01
Charles Lieber, Harvard University [E-mail Speaker]
Growth and Physical Properties of One Dimensional Nanostructures

Please note: Handicapper accommodations may be requested by calling the Physics & Astronomy Department at 355-7347 one week before the scheduled seminar to ensure sufficient time to make arrangements. Requests received after this date will be met when possible.

For further information, please contact: M. F. Thorpe
Tel.: (517) 355-9279

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