Spring Semester 1998 MSU Department of Physics & Astronomy

Mondays, 4:10 p.m. in Room 224 Physics-Astronomy Bldg.; refreshments at 3:50 p.m.

Jan. 19
Gerald Mahan, University of Tennessee [E-mail Speaker]
Nonequilibrium solid state cooling
Jan. 26
Ted Madey, Rutgers University [E-mail Speaker]
Faceting of surfaces induced by ultrathin films: atomically resolved structure, reactivity, and electronic properties
Feb. 2
Harold Baranger, Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs) [E-mail Speaker]
Chaos in Quantum Dots: Conductance and Orbital Magnetism
Feb. 9
Al Overhauser, Purdue University [E-mail Speaker]
Theoretical scandals in low-Tc superconductivity
Feb. 16
Venkat Chandrasekhar, Northwestern University [E-mail Speaker]
Thermopower of mesoscopic spin-glasses
Feb. 23
Frances Hellman, University of California – San Diego [E-mail Speaker]
Giant negative magnetoresistance in amorphous magnetic rare earth–silicon alloys
Mar. 2
 No Seminar:
CFMR/MRSEC Symposium
Mar. 9
 No Seminar:
Spring Break
Mar. 16
 No Seminar:
APS Meeting
Mar. 23
Philip B. Allen, State University of New YorkStony Brook [E-mail Speaker]
Atomic vibrations in glassy matter
Mar. 30
David Belanger, University of California – Santa Cruz [E-mail Speaker]
The random field Ising model – are theory and experiment converging?
Apr. 6
Jim C. Phillips, Lucent Technologies  
When is a metal not a metal?
Apr. 13
Melvyn P. Levy, Tulane University [E-mail Speaker]
On the foundations of density functional theory
Apr. 20
Daniel C. Ralph, Cornell University [E-mail Speaker]
Interacting electrons in a box – tunneling measurements of electronic energy levels in single metal particles
Apr. 27
Samuel D. Bader , Argonne National Lab [E-mail Speaker]
New directions in magnetic films research

Please note: Handicapper accommodations may be requested by calling the Physics & Astronomy Department at 355-7347 one week before the scheduled seminar to ensure sufficient time to make arrangements. Requests received after this date will be met when possible.

For further information, please contact: Rong Liu
Tel.: (517) 432-0187

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