CMP Seminar Schedule Spring 2000

Date Speaker Title Host
10 January V.H.S. Moorthy
(Tufts University)
Electron Correlations in High-Tc Superconductors Brage Golding
17 January Dean M. Aslam
(MSU Engineering Dept.)
Technology of Poly-Diamond: Field Emitters, Sensors and MEMS David Tománek
24 January - Seminar Postponed due to Illness -
31 January Dmitri A. Romanov
(Wayne State University)
Nonequilibrium Phonon Dynamics in Semiconductor Heterostructures David Tománek
7 February David Wollman
Microcalorimeter X-Ray Detectors Stuart Tessmer
14 February Philip J. Grandinetti
(Ohio State University)
NMR Evidence of Ordering around Bridging and Non-bridging Oxygen in an Alkali Silicate Glass Mike Thorpe
28 February Joel H. Parks
(Rowland Institut for Science)
Electron Diffraction of Trapped (CsI)NCs+ Clusters David Tománek
6 March Spring Break - -
13 March Elbio Dagotto
(Florida State University)
Theory of Manganese Oxides: The Key Role of Phase Separation Simon Billinge
20 March APS March Meeting - -
27 March Ken A. Dill
A Physical Perspective of the
Protein Folding Problem
Mark Dykman
3 April Alberto Rojo
(University of Michigan)
The Origin of Quasi-Hexagonal Patterns: From Cornstarch to the Giant Causeway David Tománek
10 April Thomas A. Kaplan
(Michigan State University)
Magnons and Non-Stoner Continuum in the Double Exchange Model -
17 April David J. Bergman
(Tel Aviv University)
Strong Field Magnetoresistance in Metamaterials
Phillip Duxbury
24 April Virginia Ayres
(MSU Engineering Dept.)
The Effect of Nitrogen on Competitive Growth of Diamond Films David Tománek
1 May Robert Buhrman
Spin transport in magnetic nanostructures Jack Bass

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