Michigan State University

Department of Physics & Astronomy

CMP Seminar Schedule Spring 2012

Mondays at 4:10 pm, Room 1400 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Bldg.
Refreshments at 3:45 pm.

Speaker Title Host
  9 January Chris Middleton - University of Wisconsin   New Techniques Bring New Insights: Coherent 2D IR Spectroscopy Reveals How Drugs Alter Protein Aggregation Lapidus

  12 January

(Special Seminar)

12:00 BPS 1400

Matt Comstock - University of Illinois Seeing structure and function of biological molecular machines simultaneously in real-time: combining angstrom-resolution optical trapping with single molecule fluorescence microscopy Lapidus
  16 January Megan Thielges - Stanford  Nonlinear Spectroscopy, Protein Dynamics, and Biological Molecular Recognition Lapidus

19 January

(Special Seminar)

12:00 BPS 1400

Xiaohui Qu - University of California Watching single ribosome translation in real time: a quantitative study of ribosome helicase activity Lapidus
  23 January Yinghao Wu - Columbia University Multiscale studies of cadherin-mediated cell adhesion Lapidus

26 January

(Special Seminar)

12:00 BPS 1400

Tim Stasevich - Osaka University Towards a Single Cell, Single Molecule View of Eukaryotic Gene Activation Lapidus
  30 January Nikolai Sinitsyn - Los Alamos National Laboratory  Geometric phases in stochastic kinetics: application to molecular motors   Levchenko
  6 February     OPEN  

  10 February

10:00 BPS 1400

Pablo Jarillo-Herrero - MIT   Quantum Transport and Optoelectronics on Graphene on hBN devices Birge
  20 February



24 February

(Special Seminar)

10:00 a.m. BPS 1400

Lin Tian - UC Merced Quantum wavelength conversion and sideband cooling in optomechanical systems Lai
  27 February   No Seminar - APS March Meeting   
  5 March Spring Break
  12 March Mikhail Raikh - University of Utah   Quantum Hall Effect in Vanishing Magnetic Field Dykman
  19 March Jens Koch - Northwestern University  From few to many degrees of freedom: quantum coherence in superconducting circuits Levchenko
  26 March Feng Wang - Univ. of California at Berkeley Tunable optical properties of graphene McGuire
  2 April Ying Liu - Penn State New experimental results from superconducting Sr2RuO4 microstructures Birge
  9 April Karen Michaeli - MIT Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism in Oxide Interface Structures: Possibility of Finite Momentum Pairing Levchenko
  16 April Xiaoqin Li - University of Texas at Austin Light Scattering from the Collective Modes of Electrons Zhang
  23 April Jianhua Yang - Hewlett Packard Labs Memristive Nanodivices: Mechanisms, Promises and Challenges    Zhang
  30 April Mark Rudner - Ohio State University  Spin-nanomechanical coupling in carbon nanotube quantum dots Levchenko 

Organized by Pengpeng Zhang
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