Michigan State University

Department of Physics & Astronomy

CMP Seminar Schedule Fall 2013

Mondays at 4:10 pm, Room 1400 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Bldg.
Refreshments at 3:45 pm.

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Speaker Title Host
26 August      
02 September   No seminar: Labor Day (MSU Closed)
09 September Tim Mewes - Univ. of Alabama  Challenges of Spintronics Birge/Loloee
16 September David Tsu - Ming Scientific Germanium: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, How d-orbitals can ruin materials or create new opportunities  Ghosh
23 September Pavel Nikolaev - Wright Patterson Air Force Base Progress in selective synthesis of single-wall carbon nanotubes and reinforced composites Tomanek
30 September Daniel Lopez - Argonne National Laboratory Controlling near field interactions in nanoscale devices Dykman
07 October Alex Klironomos - American Physical Society Physical Review B or: How I learned to stop worrying and love editing Levchenko
14 October Chong-Yu Ruan - Michigan State University Metal-to-insulator transitions from the perspectives of ultrafast pump-probe techniques  
21 October Gianluigi Catelani - Inst. for Theoretical Nanoelectronics, Jülich Quasiparticle effects in superconducting qubits Levchenko
28 October John Teufel - NIST, Boulder Quantum "Mechanial" Circuits Dykman
04 November Rafael Fernandes - University of Minnesota What role does nematicity play in the high-temperature superconductivity of the iron pnictides? Levchenko
11 November Vladimir Aksyuk - NIST, Gaithersburg MEMS and NEMS transducers with integrated cavity optomechanical readout Dykman
18 November Brage Golding - MSU Holes, Coherence, and Strain in Cold Silicon  
25 November Satoshi Okamoto - Oak Ridge National Lab Interface engineering of novel quantum phenomena in digital transition metal oxide heterostructres Ke
02 December Andrey Varlamov - CNR-SPIN, Rome Italy Tunnel-Fluctuoscopy: Fluctuation Induced Low-Bias Anomaly Levchenko
09 December   OPEN  

Organized by Norman Birge and Matthew Comtock
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