MSU Physics & Astronomy Colloquia

Spring Semester (January-April) 1996

MSU Physics & Astronomy Colloquia are held in the main lecture hall (Room 118) of the Physics-Astronomy Building on the Michigan State University campus at 4:10 pm on Tuesdays of Fall and Spring Semesters.

Refreshments are available in the lounge outside Room 224 at 3:45 pm.

Persons listed as "Host" may be contacted to arrange for meetings with non-local speakers (once their travel arrangements and schedules have been finalized). The Spring 1996 Colloquium Organizer is Martin Berz, and the information contact person is Lorie Neuman.

Special accommodations may be requested by calling the Physics & Astronomy Department at (517) 353-5180 two weeks in advance to ensure sufficient time to make arrangements. Requests received with less notice will be met when possible.

16 January 1996
Speaker: Steve McCornack, MSU College of Communications Arts & Sciences
Topic: Teaching Large Classes
Hosted by: Ed Kashy,

23 January 1996
Speaker: John Leibacher, National Optical Astronomy Observatory
Topic: Helioseismology: Study of the Invisible Solar Interior
Hosted by: Bob Stein,

30 January 1996
Speaker: Efim Gluskin, Argonne National Laboratory
Topic: Recent Advances in the Development of Synchrotron Radiation Sources
Hosted by: Vladimir Zelevinsky,

6 February 1996
Speaker: Charlie Marcus, Stanford University
Topic: Electron Waves and Electron Particles in Quantum Dots
Hosted by: Mark Dykman,

13 February 1996
Speaker: Joe Kapusta, University of Minnesota
Topic: Quarks, Gluons, and the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC)
Hosted by:Wolfgang Bauer,

20 February 1996
Speaker: Achim Richter, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt
Topic: Playing Billiards with Microwaves - Quantum Manifestations of Classical Chaos
Hosted by: Thomas Glasmacher,

27 February 1996
No Colloquium

5 March 1996
No Colloquium due to Spring Break

12 March 1996
Speaker: Ed Loh, Michigan State University
Topic: Eight Ways to Weigh the Universe

19 March 1996
No Colloquium due to APS Meeting

26 March 1996
Speaker: Martin Reiser, University of Maryland
Topic: Order and Chaos in Intense Charged Particle Beams
Hosted by: Richard York,

2 April 1996
Speaker: Robert Whetten, Georgia Institute of Technology
Topic: Quantized Conductance in Nanometric Metal Crystals Under Ambient Conditions
Hosted by: David Tomanek,

9 April 1996
Speaker: Roscoe White, Princeton
Topic: Thermonuclear Fusion and Chaos
Hosted by: Pawel Danielewicz,

16 April 1996: Distinguished Lecture Colloquium
Speaker: Bob Schrieffer, National High Magnetic Field Lab
Topic: High Temperature Superconductivity
Hosted by: Wolfgang Bauer,

23 April 1996
Speaker: Chip Brock, Michigan State University
Topic: Weighing the Weak Force at Fermilab

30 April 1996
Speaker & Topic to be announced

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