Michigan State University
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Colloquium Schedule

Fall, 1997

August 26 Roberto Merlin University of Michigan Coherent Phonons, Squeezed Phonons and the Quantum Harmonic Orquestra
September 2 Kenneth Young University of Washington News from Super-Kamiokande, the physics and astrophysics of neutrinos
September 9 C.P. Yuan MSU  
September 16 Mark Dykman MSU  
September 23 Scott Pratt MSU Melting the Vacuum with Heavy Ion Collisions
September 30 Robert Adair Yale Biological Effects of EMFs
October 7  Bruce Winstein University of Chicago  
October 14 Reuven Ramaty NASA Nuclear Astrophysics with Accelerated Particles
October 21 Ernst Otten University of Mainz Form factor measurements of the neutron and the human lung
October 28 Brad Sherrill MSU Nuclear Spectroscopy with the S800
November 4 Paul Karchin Wayne State Beauty and the Beast:
Searching for the Origin of Matter in 820 GeV Proton Nucleon Interactions
November 11 George Sterman State University of New York at Stonybrook Perturbative QCD: A phenomenology of Quarks and Gluons
November 18 James Truran University of Chicago Rise and Fall of Classical Novae
November 25 Michael Thoennessen MSU Exploring the Neutron Dripline
December 2 Shivaji Sondhi Princeton The Quantum Hall Effect and it's Kin

Collouqia are presented at 4:10 PM Tuesdays.
Coffee and cookies are served at 3:45 PM.
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