Campus Theory Seminars
MSU College of Natural Science
Campus Theory Seminars
Fall Semester 2000 Schedule
Seminars begin at 11:30 am, Room 224 Physics-Astronomy Bldg., MSU
(refreshments served at 11:15 am)
15 September 2000
Cancelled due to illness
Quantum Computing using Electrons on Helium
Mark Dykman, Michigan State University
* Friday,
29 September 2000
Folding Proteins and Synthetic Structure Seekers
Martin Gruebele, University of Illinois
20 October 2000
The Name is Bond, H Bond
Phil Platzman, Lucent Technologies
10 November 2000
Computational Materials Modeling at 3M Company Including Molecular Dynamics of Organics and Polymers on Surfaces
Richard Ross, 3M Adhesive Technologies Center
* Friday,
01 December 2000
Dynamics and the Biochemical Basis of Disease
Larry Greller, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
15 December 2000
POSTPONED to 26 January 2001 in Rm 1281 Anthony Hall due to bad weather
Atomistic Modeling of the
Inorganic and Organic Carbon World
Don Brenner, North Carolina State University

* Jointly sponsored by the Center for Biological Modeling

Seminar Organizers:
V. Ayres, Electrical & Computer Engineering
L. Kuhn, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
M. F. Thorpe, Physics & Astronomy

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