Traditionally distinct science disciplines are merging to create new and startling opportunities. Share the excitement and challenge each week through seminars and discussions with nationally recognized pioneers in science at the edge.

Seminars included on this schedule are in these three series:
Interdisciplinary Physics Seminars, Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminars, and Engineering Seminars.
A very nice poster of this schedule is available in PDF and PostScript formats.

Fall Semester 2004 Michigan State University
Seminars begin at 11:30 a.m.     Refreshments served at 11:15 a.m.

Seminars are in Room 1400 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building

Friday, September 17 Interdisciplinary Physics Seminar
  Chong-Yu Ruan, Michigan State University, Physics and Astronomy
  Ultrafast Electron Crystallography: An Atomic-Scale Structural and Dynamical Probe for Complex Systems
Friday, September 24 Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminar
  Gavin Reid, Michigan State University, Chemistry
  Quantitative Proteome Analysis by Stable Isotope Labelling and Mass Spectrometry
Friday, October 1 Engineering Seminar
  Kenneth S. Schweizer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Departments of Materials Science, Chemistry, and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  Structure, Phase Separation, Gelation and Viscoelasticity of Nanoparticle-Polymer Suspensions
Friday, October 8 Interdisciplinary Physics Seminar
  Martin Caffrey, Ohio State University, Biophysics, Biochemistry and Chemistry
  A Lipid's Eye View of Membrane Protein Crystallization in Mesophases
Friday, October 15 Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminar
  Gianluigi Veglia, University of Minnesota, Chemistry
  Probing Intramembrane Protein-Protein Interactions by NMR Spectroscopy
Friday, October 22 Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminar
  Evan Dorn, California Institute of Technology, Computation and Neural Systems
  Life Not as We Know It: How Digital Life Can Aid the Search for Extraterrestrial Organisms
Friday, October 29 Interdisciplinary Physics Seminar
  John Rehr, University of Washington, Seattle, Department of Physics
  Unraveling the Mysteries of Complex Systems with X-Ray Spectroscopy: Theory and Computation vs Experiment
Friday, November 5 Engineering Seminar
  Kathryn Uhrich, Rutgers University
  Biodegradable Polymers for Drug Delivery
Friday, November 12 Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminar
  Isabel Novella, Medical College of Ohio, Medical Microbiology and Immunology
  Peculiarities of RNA Virus Evolution
Friday, November 19 Interdisciplinary Physics Seminar
  Turab Lookman, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Theory Division
  Elasticity-Driven Nanoscale Texturing in Functional Materials
Friday, December 3 Engineering Seminar
  Allen Minton, National Institutes of Health
  Effects of Macromolecular Crowding Upon Protein Conformation and Stability

Seminar Organizers:
Engineering Seminars:
Michael E. Mackay, Chemical Engineering & Material Science mackay@msu.edu
Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminars:
Michael Feig, Quantitative Biology and Modeling Initiative feig@msu.edu
Marianne Huebner, Quantitative Biology and Modeling Initiative huebner@msu.edu
Charles Ofria, Quantitative Biology and Modeling Initiative ofria@cse.msu.edu
Interdisciplinary Physics Seminars:
Phillip M. Duxbury, Physics & Astronomy duxbury@pa.msu.edu

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