HEP Seminar Schedule: Spring 2018

High Energy Physics Seminars are presented at 1:45 pm on Tuesdays
in 1400 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building

Refreshments are served at 1:30 p.m. before Tuesday seminars.

High Energy Physics Journal Club talks are presented at 12:00 pm on Thursdays
in 3239 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building





09 January

Special Time - 1:15 pm rm 1400

Ulrich Schubert-Mielnik


Muon Electron Scattering at NNLO - [abstract] - [slides] von Manteuffel

16 January

Stanley J. Brodsky

SLAC, Stanford University

"Supersymmetric Features of Hadron Physics, Intrinsic Heavy Quarks, and other Novel Properties of Quantum Chromodynamics - [abstract] Lin

23 January

Callum Jones

U of M

Universality and Emergence from On-Shell Recursion - [abstract] [slides] Schabinger

30 January

Robert Schabinger


Soft Non-Global Structure at Two Loops in Soft-Collinear Effective Theory - [abstract]


06 February

Jenny Thomas

University College-London

Neutrino Physics: the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns - [abstract] DeYoung

13 February

Andreas Jung

Purdue University

"Latest News on Top Quark Physics" [abstract] von Manteuffel

15 February

Special Seminar - Room 1400 - 12pm

Claudio Kopper

University of Alberta

Chasing Neutrinos in Antarctica with IceCube - [abstract] DeYoung

20 February

Stephanie Hamilton Studying the z=10-25 Universe with the Dark Energy Survey - [abstract] Huston
27 February

Jordan Myslik


Recent results from the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR - [abstract] Mahn

01 March

Special Seminar Room 1400 10am

Tianlu Yuan


"IceCube: A v-window into the Universe" - [abstract] DeYoung

06 March

Spring Break (no seminar)

13 March

Azadeh Keivani

Penn State Univ

Real-Time Multi-Messenger Particle Astrophysics - [abstract] DeYoung

20 March

Richard D. Field

Univ. of Florida

"The Early Days of Perturbative QCD"



21 March

Special Seminar Room 1400 11am

Donglian Xu


Exploring the Universe with "Icebound" Neutrinos - [abstract] DeYoung

27 March

Matthias Danninger

British Columbia

Searches for New Physics at the Energy Frontier - [abstract] DeYoung

03 April


10 April

Jason Pollack


Black Holes and the Hilbert Space of Quantum Gravity - [abstract] Hsu/Avery

17 April

Phillip Harris


Hadronically Identified and Generated, after a Generation - [abstract] [slides] Huston

24 April

Andreas Kronfield Lattice QCD and Neutrino Physics - [abstract] Mahn/Lin

01 May

Ruizi Li The Lattice QCD Role in Determing the Nucleon Mass Splitting - [abstract] Lin


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