Campus Theory Seminars

Fall Semester 1994

Michigan State University College of Natural Science

MSU College of Natural Science Campus Theory Seminars are held in Room 224 of the Physics-Astronomy Building on the Michigan State University campus at 11:30 am on the first Thursday of each month during Fall and Spring Semesters. Refreshments are served at 11:15 am.

Thursday, 08 September 1994
Speaker: P. M. Duxbury, Michigan State University
Topic: Scaling Laws and Solvable Models of Breakdown in Heterogeneous Materials
Thursday, 06 October 1994
Speaker: R. LePage, Michigan State University
Topic: Why is Pricing an Option the Same Problem as Restoring a Noisy Image ?
Thursday, 03 November 1994
Speaker: P. Vashishta, Louisiana State University
Topic: Large Scale Materials Simulations Using Parallel Computers
Thursday, 01 December 1994
Speaker: M. Dykman, Stanford University
Topic: How Do Large Fluctuations Occur ?
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