MSU Physics & Astronomy Colloquia

Fall Semester (August-December) 1995

MSU Physics & Astronomy Colloquia are held in the main lecture hall (Room 118) of the Physics-Astronomy Building on the Michigan State University campus at 4:10 pm on Tuesdays of Fall and Spring Semesters.

Refreshments are available in the lounge outside Room 224 at 3:45 pm.

Persons listed as "Host" may be contacted to arrange for meetings with non-local speakers (once their travel arrangements and schedules have been finalized). The Fall 1995 P-A Colloquium Organizer is P. M. Duxbury, and the information contact person is Lorie Neuman.

Special accommodations may be requested by calling the Physics & Astronomy Department at (517) 353-5180 two weeks in advance to ensure sufficient time to make arrangements. Requests received with less notice will be met when possible.

12 September 1995
Speaker: Richard Gammon, University of Washington
Topic: Global Warming
Hosted by: Pavel Danielewicz,

19 September 1995
Speaker: Richard Lenski, MSU Center for Microbial Ecology
Topic: Chance and Necessity in Adaptive Evolution
Hosted by: Phil Duxbury,

26 September 1995
Speaker: Wolfgang Bauer, Edward Kashy, Peter Signell, Michigan State University
Topic: Computer Aided Instruction: Some Successes and Plans in MSU Physics
Hosted by: Phil Duxbury,

03 October 1995
Speaker: Sean Ryan, Anglo-Australian Telescope
Topic: Galactic Archaeology: Digging Up Treasures
Hosted by: Tim Beers,

10 October 1995
Speaker: Barry Holstein, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Topic: The Aharonov-Bohm and Related Effects
Hosted by: Michael Harrison,

17 October 1995
Speaker: Andrew Zangwill, Georgia Institute of Technology
Topic: The Mighty Morphin' Power Laws of Epitaxial Growth
Hosted by: Phil Duxbury,

24 October 1995
Speaker: Ross Stein, U. S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park
Topic: Stress Concentrations and Earthquakes: Playing "Prediction" with Half a Deck
Hosted by: Ed Kashy,

31 October 1995
Speaker: Jay Davis, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Topic: The United Nations Nuclear Inspections of Iraq
Hosted by: Konrad Gelbke,

07 November 1995
Speaker: David Tomanek, Michigan State University
Topic: Growth and Death of Buckyballs and Buckytubes

14 November 1995
Speaker: Brage Golding, Michigan State University
Topic: The NSF-MSU MRSEC: Photons, Fluids and Physics

21 November 1995
Speaker: Eva Andrei, Rutgers
Topic: How to Make a Two-Dimensional Electron Crystal
Hosted by: Mark Dykman,

28 November 1995
Speaker: Roger Bangerter, University of California, Berkeley
Topic: Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion
Hosted by: Richard York,

05 December 1995
Speaker: Wolfgang Bauer, Michigan State University
Topic: Self-organized Criticality

12 December 1995
Speaker: Pawel Danielewicz, Michigan State University
Topic: Transport Theory and Creation of Hot Hadronic Matter

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