MSU Physics & Astronomy Colloquia

Spring Semester (January-April) 1995

MSU Physics & Astronomy Colloquia are held in the main lecture hall (Room 118) of the Physics-Astronomy Building on the Michigan State University campus at 4:10 pm on Tuesdays of Fall and Spring Semesters. Refreshments are available in the serving area outside Room 224 at 3:45 pm.

Persons listed as "Host" may be contacted to arrange for meetings with non-local speakers (once their travel arrangements and schedules have been finalized).

17 January 1995
Speaker: Joey Huston, Michigan State University
Topic: Experiments with CDF
Hosted by: Jack Bass,
24 January 1995
Speaker: Gennady Gorelick, MIT Dunim Laboratory
Title: "History of Russian A & H Bombs"
Hosted by: Vladimir Zelevinsky,
31 January 1995
Speaker: Christopher Hill, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Title: "Why is the Top Quark So Heavy?"
Hosted by: Raymond Brock,
07 February 1995
Speaker: Johanna Stachel, SUNY Stony Brook
Topic: Relativistic Heavy Ion Reactions
Hosted by: Konrad Gelbke,
14 February 1995
Speaker: Jeffrey Kuhn, Michigan State University
Title: "Can the Sun Make it Rain Tomorrow: Relevant Astrophysics?"
Hosted by: Jack Bass,
21 February 1995
Speaker: Joseph Taylor, Columbia University
Title: "Timing Pulsars for Fun and Profit"
Hosted by: Wu-Ki Tung,
28 February 1995
Speaker: David Pines, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign
Title: "Understanding High Temperature Superconductivity"
Hosted by: Jack Bass,
07 March 1995
No Colloquium due to SPRING BREAK.
14 March 1995
Speaker: Sue Simkin, Michigan State University
Title: "A Test-Bed for Tidally Induced Nuclear Activity in Seyfert Galaxies"
21 March 1995
No Colloquium due to March APS Meeting.
28 March 1995
Speaker: Miklos Gyulassy, Columbia University
Title: "Boiling the Nuclear Glue at 200AGeV"
Hosted by: Wolfgang Bauer,
04 April 1995
Speaker: Leonard Sander, University of Michigan
Title: "Stable and Unstable Growth in Molecular Beam Epitaxy"
Hosted by: Michael Thorpe,
11 April 1995
Speaker: William Bialek, NEC Research Institute, Princeton, NJ
Title: "Physics Problems in Designing the Brain"
Hosted by: Mark Dykman,
18 April 1995
Speaker: Horst Stormer, AT&T Bell Labs, Research, Physics Division
Title: "Composite Fermions: New Particles in Two-Dimensional Electron Systems"
Hosted by: Brage Golding,
25 April 1995
Speaker: S. James Gates, University of Maryland
Title: "Superstrings: Why Einstein Would Love Spaghetti in Fundamental Physics"
Hosted by: Gerard Crawley,

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