Instructions for Scheduling the SQUID Susceptometers Facility and the Cypher SPM

The examples in this guide are for the SQUID Susceptometers Facility, but the procedure for scheduling the Cypher SPM is essentially the same.

View Schedule

To view the schedules, go to the appropriate URL as follows.

SQUID Susceptometers Facility
Cypher SPM

You will see a calendar for the current week, as in the following picture.

          view picture]

Using the links at the bottom of the calendar, you can choose to see the calendar a week at a time, which is the default, or a day, month or year at a time. You can also use them to navigate to particular dates.

Logging in to reserve a time

Go to URL or click the Schedule Management link at the bottom of and you will see a login screen such as this:

          login picture]

Note that while the URLs for viewing the schedules have cgi-pub in them, allowing viewing from anywhere without a password, the URL for logging in has cgi-bin in it, which invokes access restrictions which require the use of a user name and password.

If you are logging in from somewhere other than the Physics-Astronomy section of the BPS Bldg. or the NSCL on the MSU campus, you will probably have to fill in a user name and password in a pop-up window in order to get access to this login page. Use the user name "cmpfacilities" and the password you receive from Dr. Loloee both for the pop-up window (if your location makes it necessary) and for the login page itself.

This will take you to the schedule selection page. Select the link for "SQUID" as in the example shown, or the link for "Cypher_SPM", depending on which schedule you want to add a reservation to.

          selection page picture]

Reserve Date/Time

You will now see a web page very similar to the schedule viewing page. The dates on this page, however, should be links.

          schedule example page picture 1]

Select the desired date, and you will go to the "Add New Event" page.

Type the name of the person reserving the device in the "Enter text for a new event" field.

          schedule example page picture 2]

Select a start time and an end time for your reservation.

          schedule example page picture 3]

Select the "Create Event" button.

          schedule example page picture 4]

The reservation should now be listed in the "Existing Events" section of the page. Select "View Calendar" at the top of the page.

          schedule example page picture 5]

You should now be back at the reservation page for the calendar, with your reservation now listed. Select the "(Logout)" link near the bottom of the page, and you are done.

          schedule example page picture 6]