Department of Physics and Astronomy Machine Shop

"If you're not building original research equipment, you're not doing original research."  - Dr. Robert D. Spence

Inside the Shop Photo of MSU P-A Machine Shop

The Physics Shop Mission Statement

Our objective is to design, build, and maintain the highest quality research and teaching instruments, while always keeping finished cost to a minimum and safety to a maximum.

Our customers are the Faculty, Students and Staff of Michigan State University.
We are part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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"I asked him where he had it made, he said he made it himself, & when I asked him where he got his tools said he made them himself & laughing added if I had staid for other people to make my tools & things for me... I had never made any thing..."
— Isaac Newton's recollection, the year before he died, of having made the first reflecting telescope; recorded by his niece's husband, John Conduitt, 31 August 1726
[Keynes MS 130.10, King's College, Cambridge, UK]

As Newton grew up on a farm in Lincolnshire, he would have been familiar with the basic rules we recognize at this shop:
•  The work is until the work isn't       •  Rust never sleeps


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