Virtual University

The 3-credit Virtual University courses PHY231C and PHY232C offer the same subject matter as the lecture-based PHY231 and PHY232 courses. For PHY231C/232C all materials (lecture notes, solved examples, video clips of lecture demonstrations, and interactive exercises in the form of Java applets) are delivered via computer and the Internet. Sections for on-campus and off-campus students are available. Access to a computer with at least a modem connection and a WWW-browser is required; on-campus students may use any of MSU's computer laboratories to access the class. No specific prior knowledge of computers or programming is assumed. Interaction with the professor and the teaching assistants takes place via email, a virtual help room/chat room, and a physical help room, 1248 BPS, which is open during convenient afternoon and evening hours. The grade is determined via weekly interactive computer-graded homework assignments, as well as two midterms and a final exam. All of the exams are computer-graded multiple-choice exams. For off-campus students, exams will be faxed to a suitable proctor. Practice exams are provided.

More Information and Web-Pages:

  • Since Fall 1997, the Department of Physics and Astronomy has offered a virtual university introductory physics class, PHY231C. It covers mechanics, waves, and thermal physics.
  • Since Spring 1998, the second semester course of our virtual physics sequence, PHY232C, has also been online. It covers electricity, magnetism, optics, quantum physics, and an introduction into nuclear and elementary particle physics.
  • Link to the entrance into MSU's virtual university.


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