Selected Recent Works

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  • thumb of a cooling KS1731-260
    A Lower Limit on the Heat Capacity of a Neutron Star Core (2017)
  • thumb of nuclear pasta
    Cooling Nuclear Pasta in Accreting Neutron Stars (2017)
  • thumb of strong neutrino cooling nuclei pairs in the accreted neutron star ocean
    Strong Neutrino Cooling in the Accreted Neutron Star Ocean (2016)
  • thumb of temperatures within the neutron star transient MAXIJ0556-332
    Strong Shallow Heating in the Neutron Star Transient MAXI J0556-332 (2015)
  • thumb of neutrino cooling schematic
    A Strong Neutrino Cooling Process in Neutron Star Crusts (2014)
  • thumb of HR diagram for a 1 solar mass star
    A New Low-Temperature Triple-Alpha Rate (2012)
  • thumb of Steiner et al. EOS
    An Empirical Dense Matter Equation of State (2010, 2013)
  • thumb of carbon fusion schematic
    A Possible Resonance in the Carbon Fusion Cross-Section (2009)
  • thumb of lightcurve for cooling neutron star KS 1731
    Cooling Neutron Star Crusts (2009)

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Dr. Adam Jacobs JINA-CEE postdoctoral fellow

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  • Ryan Connolly
  • Zac Johnston (Monash University)

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  • Bradley Frink
  • Pham Nguyen
  • Zehao Hu (Xi'an Jiaotong University)

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  • Joshua Woodford (Okemos High School)