Dr. Mark Peacock

office #:
BPS blg, Room 3255

Michigan State Uni.
567 Wilson Road
East Lansing
MI 48824


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Welcome to my website

I'm a researcher in the astronomy group at Michigan State University. On these pages you can find some information about me, my research, and my publications.

My research focuses on using observations of nearby galaxies and their globular clusters to investigate galaxy formation/ evolution and stellar phenomena. To do this, I've utilized multiwavelength photometry and spectroscopy from the X-ray through UV, optical and NIR. Check out my publications and research pages for details of my work, which includes studying: the stellar populations, haloes and IMFs of local galaxies; extragalactic globular clusters; and the exotic objects they host, such as X-ray binaries and extreme horizontal branch stars.

For similar work, you may also like to see my collaborators websites including: Jay Strader and Stephen Zepf here, at Michigan State, and Tom Maccarone at Texas Tech University