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EMILI is an automated code, designed to assist in the identification of weak emission lines seen in high resolution and signal-to-noise spectra of emission-line regions, such as planetary nebulae and H II regions. It is an attempt to automate a process which has traditionally been done manually, and to allow the greatest number of possible transitions to be considered as potential IDs, more than could normally be evaluated by hand. The program carries out simple calculations and checks on a list of unidentified lines provided by a user, employs a large transition database to look up potential IDs, and utilizes straightforward criteria to judge among those IDs, to provide a rank order list of candidates to the user.

The source transition list, the Atomic Line List v2.04 compiled by Dr. Peter van Hoof and collaborators, contains lines spanning the UV to IR. However EMILI is currently coded to identify emission lines in the "optical" region of the spectrum (approximately 300 nm to 1.1 microns), in objects not at extra-galactic distance scales, such as Galactic planetary nebulae and H II regions. To learn more about the EMILI objectives, limitations, and capabilities, as well as how to install and operate the code, please examine the EMILI User's Manual as well as the links in the "Information" Section.

Please check here often for updates and error reports!
(3/5) Version 4, corrects some minor errors, and adds a reader to allow you to extract transition information directly from marked up EMILI output files


Please view our recent paper on EMILI for a comprehensive review of the code and an example of its usage as applied to our spectra of IC 418.
  • LANL Archive
    For a shorter overview please see our conference proceeding from the NASA Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop
    held at NASA Ames Research Center, May 1-3, 2002 (adobe format):
  • Proceedings

    Full EMILI output for our (Resolution=9 km/sec) spectra of IC 418:
  • Output


    This code is constantly being revised and corrected, so again please check back here often! Among the improvements we are planning on:

  • Incorporating an expanded transition list (Atomic Line List v2.05)
  • Making the code iterative, re-running to improve its accuracy
  • A web based, interactive form for running the program

    Please send comments, questions, and mail to: brian.sharpee@sri.com


    B.D.S. 7/08/03