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Spring 2008 Seminar covering :
Complex materials and their energy applications

Thursdays 12-1pm, BPS 1400. Pizza and other goodies available 11:45am
January 15th : Pengpeng Zhang (Chemistry - Penn. State University), Surfaces and interfaces in nanoscale electronic materials: From understanding to engineering.

January 22nd : No CNDA seminar - special event

January 29th : Stefan Bernard (Chemistry - Princeton University),
Synthetically Tuned Luminophoric Materials: 3D Displays, Solar Energy Conversion, and Beyond

February 5th : Irinel Chiorescu (Physics - Florida State),
Multiphoton coherent manipulation in large-spin qubits

February 12th : Mumtaz Quazilbash (Physics - UC San Diego),
Mott transition in VO2 observed by infrared spectroscopy and nano-imaging

February 19th : Marian Florescu (Physics, Princeton)
New classes of non-crystalline photonic band gap materials

February 26th : No Seminar

NOTE Special CNDA Seminar March 5th- 9:10am Engineering room 2250.
Don Siegel (Ford Research)

Combining computation and experiment to design new hydrogen storage materials

March 12th : No Seminar - Spring Break

March 19th : No Seminar - APS March Meeting

March 26th : Open

April 2nd : Steve Durbin (EE and McDiarmid Institute, Canterbury NZ) Exploring New Horizons: Opportunities in Oxide and Nitride Semiconductors

April 9th : Open

April 16th : Alex Kamenev (Physics and Astronomy, University of Minnesota)
Interacting particles in mesoscopic world

April 23rd : Open

April 30th : Liming Dai, University of Dayton
Tentative title : Carbon nanotube arrays for fuel cells and batteries (!!! Deferred to the Fall !!!)

Michigan State University