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Selected background publications

Ab initio determination of solid-state nanostructure
P. Juhás D. M. Cherba P. M. Duxbury W. F. Punch & S. J. L. Billinge
Nature 440, 655-658 (2006).
General Strategies for Nanoparticle Dispersion
Michael E. Mackay, Anish Tuteja, Phillip M. Duxbury, Craig J. Hawker, Brooke Van Horn, Zhibin Guan, Guanghui Chen, R. S. Krishnan
Science 311, 1740-174 (2006).

2007 Publications

Self-Assembled Multilayers of Nanocomponents
R. S. Krishnan, Michael E. Mackay, Phillip M. Duxbury, Alicia Pastor, Craig J. Hawker, Brooke Van Horn, Subashini Asokan, and Michael S. Wong,
Nano Letters 7, 484-489 (2007).
Unusual mechanical performance of amphiphilic crosslinked polymer networks J.Q. Xu, D.A. Bohnsack, M.E. Mackay, K.L. Wooley,
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129, 506-507 (2007).
Improved polymer thin-film wetting behavior through nanoparticle segregation to interfaces R.S. Krishnan, M.E. Mackay, P.M. Duxbury, C.J.Hawker, S. Asokan S, M.S. Wong, R. Goyette, P. Thiyagarajan,
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 19(35), 356003 (2007).
Breakdown of the continuum Stokes-Einstein relation for nanoparticle diffusion A. Tuteja, M.E. Mackay, S. Narayanan, S. Asokan, M.S. Wong,
Nano Letters 7, 1276-1281 (2007).
Multifunctional nanocomposites with reduced viscosity
A. Tuteja, P.M. Duxbury, M.E. Mackay,
Macromolecules 40 9427-9434 (2007).
Synthesis of polymandelide: A degradable polylactide derivative with polystyrene-like properties T.Q. Liu, T.L. Simmons, D.A. Bohnsack, M.E. Mackay, M.R. Smith, G.L. Baker,
Macromolecules 40 (17), 6040-6047 (2007).
Nanoparticles for dewetting suppression of thin polymer films used in chemical sensors M.A. Holmes, M.E. Mackay, R.K. Giunta,
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 9(5), 753-763 (2007),
Surface-induced first-order transition in athermal polymer-nanoparticle blends E.W. McGarrity, A.L. Frischknecht, L.J.D. Frink, M.E. Mackay,
Physical Review Letters 99 , 238302 (2007).

2008 Publications

Polymer Chain Swelling Induced by Dispersed Nanoparticles
Anish Tuteja, Phillip M. Duxbury, and Michael E. Mackay,
Physical Review Letters 100, 077801 (2008).

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