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Summer Workshop 2008 : June 22nd - June 27th

Complex materials for energy generation, recovery and storage

Phil Duxbury (Physics and Astronomy)
Michael Mackay (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)

Advisory Committee:
Greg Baker (Chemisty)
Bhanu Mahanti (Physics and Astronomy)
Jim McCusker (Chemistry)
Don Morelli (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)
Keith Promislow (Mathematics)

Tentative Schedule
  • Sunday 22: Reception
  • Monday 23: Morning: 3 Plenary talks (50 min plus 10 for questions)
    Afternoon: 3 Invited talks on Thermoelectrics
  • Tuesday 24: Morning: 3 invited talks on Thermoelectrics
    1/2 hour discussion session on thermoelectrics
    Afternoon: 3 invited talks on batteries and/or ultracapacitors
    Poster session on thermoelectrics, batteries and ultracapacitors
  • Wednesday 25: Morning - Introduction to STTR/SBIR session
    Afternoon - 3 invited talks on Fuel cells plus a couple of contributed talks
    Evening: Inaugural meeting with industrial advisory committee??
  • Thursday 26: Morning - 3 invited talks on fuel cells
    1/2 discussion session on fuel cells
    Afternoon - 3 invited talks on photovoltaics
    Poster session on fuel cells and photovoltaics
  • Friday 27: Morning - 3 invited talks and 2 contributed talks on photovoltaics
    1/2 hour discussion on photovoltaics
    End of conference

  • Michigan State University