Interactive Tutorial about Diffraction
Structure solving: Part I

Structure solution
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This part of the tutorial guides through the structure determination of a two-dimensional structure. It is an example how a online lecture could be designed. Each section contains some "homework" and the students should answer the questions at the end if each section before they proceed. The answers to the questions are given at the beginning of the following session.

The first part will guide you through a simple structure determination, including some 'homework'. We will start, as in real life, with the diffraction pattern of the substance. The two patterns reproduced are from the identical crystal and were taken in the identical orientation. The origin of reciprocal space is at the center of each diffraction pattern. Reciprocal space is shown without distortions. To get a full screen version, click on the corresponding image.

Now, as promised some homework which should be done before proceeding to the next section containing the answers.

  • Why are the two diffraction patterns different?
  • What information can you extract from the diffraction patterns?
  • What, if any, information do you need beyond the diffraction patterns to solve the crystal structure?

Do not go any further before you have answered the questions above ....

© Th. Proffen and R.B. Neder, 2003