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6. Mar 2003 After one year of no news, here comes the tutorial in its new layout. Apart from easier navigation, the interactive examples now run in a separate window with the controls attached. You need javascript in order to run the interactive examples now.
New interactive examples were added: Ewald sphere and Finite size effect.
8. Mar 2002 A new example concerning hkl-planes has been added to the section Reciprocal space
New interactive examples have been added to the section Direct methods
The menu for the basic examples 1 and 3 has been extended to allow distinction between h and Q.
The image content and explanation for most examples in the sections Basic examples and Reciprocal space has been extended to cover more information.
20. Dec 2001 New interactive examples have been added to the section The crystallographic phase problem
18. Sep 2001 All interactive examples now have a defaults button to restore the default values of all input fields. In addition a drop down box to select different output graphic sizes was added.
28. Mar 2001 The chapter Short range order has been updated. Additionally we have added a corresponding interactive simulation. This simulation allows you to create a disordered structure with a given chemical short range order and to observe the corresponding diffraction pattern.
We have also added a simple interactive simulation to create stacking faults and view the resulting structure and diffraction pattern.
The script running the interactive examples now produces also a link to a POSTSCRIPT version of the simulation result for better printing.
31. Oct 2000 On the road to becoming even more famous, our teaching pages are featured in the Netwatch section of Science Magazine (Volume 290, Number 5492, Issue of 27 October 2000)
25. Oct 2000 New interactive examples have been added to the sections Basic examples and The crystallographic phase problem More examples will be coming soon !!
20. Oct 2000 Scout Report for Science and Engineering Selection Our pages are getting famous. They featured in the last issue of
Scout report for Science and Engineering.

Hurray, a new interactive example has been added. It allows one to create a simple modulated structure and view the corresponding diffraction pattern. More examples will be coming soon !!
17. Jul 2000 Welcome to the newly designed Tutorial about Diffraction. This tutorial is based (and replaces) our "Teaching guide to X-ray and neutron scattering". Those familiar with the old guide will find that most of the examples remain the same, just the layout has changed. The exciting extension of this version are the interactive examples. During the next few month we will be adding more and more interactive examples, so check back often.
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