Undergraduate Physics Laboratory

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Michigan State University

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General Information

The laboratory manual is available at the Student Bookstore.

The laboratory manuals are written in PDF format. You will need either: Adobe Acrobat Reader or the Adobe Exchange Plug-In for Netscape to translate these documents. Internet Explorer can also be set up to read PDF files. All these are available from the Adobe Website.

Most other documents on this website have been written in HTML.

Semester specific information: Spring 1998

  • Syllabus
  • Sections and Instructors
  • Schedule of Experiments for each week.
  • Answering Discussion Questions and Writing Conclusions
  • For reference, you may find useful the first lab of PHY251: Introduction to Computers (PDF) However, as stated in the syllabus, use of computers in PHY252 is optional: only one of the lab rooms is equipped with computers, and some labs are performed in the room without computers.

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