Visions of the Universe Laboratory

Fall 2005


Supervising Professor: Jack Baldwin,, Office: 3270 Biomedical Physical Sciences Building, phone 355-9200 x2411. Office hour: Tu 10-11

Teaching Assistants: Room 3265 BPS, phone 355-9200 x2445

Kim Dupczak (

Aparajita Sengupta (

Angelo Varlotta (

Matt Steele (

David Ventimiglia (

Planetarium Personnel:

David Batch, Director

John French

Shane Horvatin


TA Office hours

e-mail Help Desk:

Help Desk Hours


PowerPoint Presentation for Next Week

This will normally be updated sometime late Sunday. Feel free to print it out and bring it to the lab session.


Schedule of Meeting Places for the Final Four Weeks of Class


Map to Buildings where ISP205L will use computer labs


Homework and Lab Exercise Instructions for Week of Nov 14-18: The Distance to the Pleiades.


Sky Maps


       Map for use as Study Guide for Sky Quiz 1.

       February Map (for Sky Quiz 2)


Meeting Place:

Usually in the Planetarium (between the two halves of Shaw Lane, just west of Farm Lane). Some meetings later in the semester will occur in various computer labs: see the course schedule for your section.


First Meeting of the Semester: In the PLANETARIUM.


Syllabus (pdf format)


Constellations & Stars to know for the Sky Quizzes


Course Schedules (pdf format)

Section 1 (Monday 3-5)

Section 2 (Tuesday 3-5)

Section 3 (Wednesday 3-5)

Section 4 (Thursday 3-5)


Required materials:

Book: Astronomy Media Workbook (Fourth Edition) for the Cosmic Perspective, by Michael LoPresto.

Software: Voyager Sky Gazer, College Edition (from Carina Software). Included with The Cosmic Perspective textbook used in the ISP205 lecture course. Look for the CD envelope inside the front cover. If you buy this textbook used, be sure to find one that still has the CD in it. If you are not currently taking the ISP205 lecture course, talk with your lead TA about how to best obtain a copy of this software, which is needed to do the homework.

HiTT Infrared Clicker: Rebate coupons are bundled both with the Astronomy Media Workbook and with the textbook for the ISP205 lecture course. The same clicker may be used in more than one course. Either the 6 or 13 button varieties will work.

Clipboard or stiff notebook, so that you can fill out papers and reports in your lap. Also, always bring blank sheets of paper (lined is best), and a pen.


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