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Laboratories will begin on January 24 and end April 28, 2005. There are 13 experiments.  The course allows you to make measurements of physical properties, and provides experience in analyzing and interpreting data.  Working in groups of two, you make measurements, tabulate and graph your data, evaluate measurement uncertainties, analyze the results, and answer the questions in the laboratory manual. A report, prepared in class and submitted at the end of the session, contains all of the above information as well as an overall summary of the significance of your results.  Your grade will be based on the lab report and the quiz.

You need to read and understand the material in the lab manual before class.  During the first 10 minutes of every lab period (except for the first lab of the semester) a closed book quiz may be given to test your readiness to perform the experiment. Your instructor will provide more information about quizzes in class. Quizzes will be given promptly at the beginning of class .

    Your lab report  must be completed during the lab period and handed in to the instructor
before you leave. The report includes a cover sheet with your name, your student number and section number, and an introduction that describes the purpose of the laboratory

    The components of a lab report are listed in the PHY252 Lab Manual on p. vii.  An example of a minimal lab report is given on pp. ix-xi.  Reports are graded by your instructor on a 20 point scale and will be handed back at the beginning of the next lab. Note that labs vary; the balance between data analysis and manual questions will change.  Points are be distributed approximately as follows. 


    In your report, explain how you identified and tried to solve problems in the experiments.. If your data do not correspond to the anticipated results, you should explain what went wrong. You will be graded on clarity of writing; therefore, you must use complete sentences and check for misspelled words.  Copying of text from the manual or from others is expressly forbidden.   Lab reports that show evidence of plagiarism will be discounted by 50%. Your final grade will be based on the total number of points when compared to the integrated performance of all PHY252 sections.  Note: You should save your graded lab reports and quizzes as backup should you feel that your grade was incorrectly calculated

    If you must miss a session, you should contact your instructor before the session and arrange for an alternate time. It is only possible to make-up a lab during the week it is offered since the equipment is changed weekly.  Please provide suitable documentation for your absence.  If you miss a lab without a valid reason, it will be counted as zero. Alternately, if you miss a lab for an unanticipated reason, such as illness, you must contact your instructor no more than 24 hours after the missed lab.  Arrangements will be made for you to find an open lab slot.  Do not show up at another section without making prior arrangements or you will not be admitted. Your instructor is in charge of all aspects of laboratory policies and should be consulted for most problems.

    The laboratory coordinator for this course is Professor Brage Golding. His office hours are noon to 1 pm MWF in 4241 BPS. Please set up an appointment by email: He may be consulted for issues that cannot be addressed by your instructor.

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