FALL 2008

(as of 12/06/2008)

PHY 234B is an on-line calculus-based physics course. The combination of PHY 232B and PHY 234B is equivalent to PHY 184B. The combination of PHY 232 or 232C and PHY 234B is equivalent to PHY 184. Topics in the course include: electricity and magnetism, electromagnetic waves and special relativity.

Prerequisites: (either PHY 232 or PHY 232B or PHY 232C) and (either MTH 133 or MTH 153H or LBS 119 or either of those concurrently)


Prof. Pawel Danielewicz, Email:
Office: Cyclotron 223, Phone: (517) 333-6330 (from campus: 5-9672 ext. 330)

Office Hours:  Wednesday & Friday 1:45-2:45 PM in BPS 1248 and by appointment

Teaching Assistant

Ding Wang, Email:
Office: BPS 1300, Phone: (517) 884-5536 (from campus 4-5536)

BPS 1248 Help Room Hours

Monday 1:45-3:30 PM

Tuesday 1:45-5:00 PM

Wednesday 1:45-4:45 PM

Friday 1:45-2:45 PM

Course assignments will be completed using the MSU Loncapa system. Instructions for using that system can be found under Loncapa Use below.

The assignments will consist of reading questions and of homework problems. Answers to the questions will be due generally twice a week, on Monday and Thursday at 8:30 PM. Homework problems will generally be due once a week, on Tuesday at 8:30 PM. However, alterations to this general schedule may occur, particularly at the start and end of the semester and around Thanksgiving. For details, see the Schedule section of the syllabus. For declarations of any changes to the schedule duing the course of the semester, see further the Announcements section. Post-deadline assignments will not be accepted:-- the closing time will be strictly enforced. Enter your solutions early to avoid computer/network woes close to the deadline.

Questions and comments pertaining to course assignments can be posted using the "Post Discussion" button located just below any assignment. In posting, MSU policies on academic integrity need to be followed, see Grading below. While sufficient assistance can be found on some of the less complicated assignments using the "Post Discussion" space, a more thorough help may be obtained by visiting the teaching staff at scheduled hours in the Help Room.

Three midterm exams will take place on Wednesdays 7:00 -- 8:00 PM in BPS Building Rm. 1415. For dates, see the Schedule and mark them on your calendar. Exam policies are explained in the Exams section. Following each in-class midterm, a partial-credit make-up midterm exam will open up under Loncapa. There is no Final Exam in PHY 234B.

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