Spring 2012

PHY 183 is a calculus-based physics course for students majoring in engineering or physical sciences. Topics include: kinematics, Newtonian dynamics, work, energy, power, conservation of energy and momentum, circular motion, rotational motion, gravity, harmonic oscillations, wave motion and sound.


Section 001 and online sections:
Tibor Nagy,
#1253 BPS Building, (517) 884-5508

Section 002:
Richard Hallstein,
#1253 BPS Building, (517) 884-5509

Help Room Hours (BPS 1248)

Mondays 2PM-4PM

Thursdays 9AM-9PM

Fridays 10AM-6PM

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) College of Engineering (2400 Engineering Building and C101 Wonders)

Sunday through Thursday 7PM-10PM



Course Syllabus
Section 001
Instructor: Tibor Nagy
Section 002
Instructor: Richard Hallstein

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