Review Articles

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  2. W. Bauer, "Particle-Particle Correlations and the Space-Time Structure of Heavy Ion Collisions, Prog. in Part. and Nucl. Phys. 30, 45 (1993).
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National White Papers

  1. "Intermediate and High Energy Heavy Ion Reactions", John Harris, Bill Lynch, Bill Zajc, Wolfgang Bauer, Miklos Gyulassy, Joe Natowitz, Johanna Stachel, February 1995. (pdf file)
  2. "Future Concepts and perspectives for University-based research and graduate education", B. Balantekin, W. Bauer, N. Benczer-Koller, J. A. Cizewski, B. Clark, D. Haase, K. Kemper, C. Mader, R. McKeown, M. McMahan, J. Natowitz,W. Rogers, February 2001. (pdf file)

Major MSU Planning Documents

  1. MSU Energy Transition Plan, 2012 (pdf file)
  2. MSU Mobility Plan, 2018 (pdf file)