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  • The delivery engine for my virtual university classes is MSU LectureOnline, a software system written by my former student Gerd Kortemeyer. Gerd and I have written a paper that explains the main concepts of this system. This paper was published in the proceedings of the 1998 Frontiers in Education Conference and featured on Apple's Educational Object Economy's website.
  • You can also view the slides of a brief PowerPoint presentation that I made at the 1998 AAPT meeting.


The 2nd edition of the German version of our introductory physics cd-rom/textbook, titled cliXX Physik, has appeared with the Harri Deutsch publishing company. It covers mechanics, thermal physics, and oscillations and waves, electricity, magnetism, optics, and quantum physics. It contains over 150 QuickTime movies, over 60 Java applets, over 300 interactively graded numerical problems, over 200 true-false exercises, more than 120 multiple choice questions (all with solutions), many interactive derivations, and about 1000 html pages.

The cd runs under the Windows, Mac, UNIX, and LINUX operating systems via Netscape or Explorer browsers (included in the cd). Buy it at