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  About Laura Chomiuk  

Laura Chomiuk is an associate professor of Physics and Astronomy at Michigan State University, where she researches energetic stellar events like novae, supernovae, and black hole jets at a range of wavelengths, with a particular focus on radio observations. With these observations she can probe the physics of these events, to test models of both the progenitor systems and the ejections themselves.

Laura is the director of the MSU Observatory, a 24 inch telescope facility on MSU's agricultural campus. She engages ~20 undergraduates in research at the Observatory at any given time, through the MSU Observatory Research Program (MORP). She also organizeds and leads a myriad of public outreach efforts at the Observatory. Laura is also the undergraduate director for the MSU astrophysics major.

Laura received her bachelors degree from Wesleyan University and her PhD in Astronomy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She previously served as a Jansky Fellow of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Laura grew up in Metro Detroit, and loves the natural beauty of the Great Lakes state. In her free time, she enjoys puttering around the yard with her goats and working to pass bi-partisan legislation to fight climate change.


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