Selected Recent Works

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  • thumb of phasespace for MXB1659-29
    Rapid Neutrino Cooling in the Neutron Star MXB 1659-29 (2018)
  • thumb of a cooling KS1731-260
    A Lower Limit on the Heat Capacity of a Neutron Star Core (2017)
  • thumb of nuclear pasta
    Cooling Nuclear Pasta in Accreting Neutron Stars (2017)
  • thumb of strong neutrino cooling nuclei pairs in the accreted neutron star ocean
    Strong Neutrino Cooling in the Accreted Neutron Star Ocean (2016)
  • thumb of temperatures within the neutron star transient MAXIJ0556-332
    Strong Shallow Heating in the Neutron Star Transient MAXI J0556-332 (2015)
  • thumb of neutrino cooling schematic
    A Strong Neutrino Cooling Process in Neutron Star Crusts (2014)
  • thumb of HR diagram for a 1 solar mass star
    A New Low-Temperature Triple-Alpha Rate (2012)
  • thumb of Steiner et al. EOS
    An Empirical Dense Matter Equation of State (2010, 2013)
  • thumb of carbon fusion schematic
    A Possible Resonance in the Carbon Fusion Cross-Section (2009)
  • thumb of lightcurve for cooling neutron star KS 1731
    Cooling Neutron Star Crusts (2009)

Student projects

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Selected Student Publications

  1. “Late-time Cooling of Neutron Star Transients and the Physics of the Inner Crust”, Deibel, A., Cumming, A., Brown, E. F., & Reddy, S. 2017, The Astrophysical Journal, 839, 95
  2. “The Thermal State of KS 1731-260 after 14.5 years in Quiescence”, Merritt, R. L., Cackett, E. M., Brown, E. F., et al. 2016, The Astrophysical Journal, 833, 186
  3. “Ocean g-modes on Transient Neutron Stars”, Deibel, A. 2016, The Astrophysical Journal, 832, 44
  4. “Urca Cooling Pairs in the Neutron Star Ocean and Their Effect on Superbursts”, Deibel, A., Meisel, Z., Schatz, H., Brown, E. F., & Cumming, A. 2016, The Astrophysical Journal, 831, 13
  5. “A Strong Shallow Heat Source in the Accreting Neutron Star MAXI J0556-332”, Deibel, A., Cumming, A., Brown, E. F., & Page, D. 2015, The Astrophysical Journal, 809, L31

Research group

Graduate students

  • Eric Britt
  • Sierra Casten
  • Justin Grace
  • Brian Nevins

Undergraduate students

  • Wasundara Athukoralalage
  • Jonathan Kho
  • Miranda Pikus

Affiliations and grant acknowledgements


  1. Department of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA
  2. Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824 USA
  3. Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA
  4. The Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics-Center for the Evolution of the Elements
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EFB is supported by the US NSF grant AST-1812838 and by NASA grant 80NSSC20K0503.
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