Moon Photo Page

Moon Photo Page

My goal with these pages is to show a photo of the moon for each night of a lunation. A lunation is the cycle of the moon's phases. From new moon to the next new moon is about 29 1/2 days or one lunation, also known as a synodic month. Each night as the terminator moves across the face of the moon, different lunar features become visible. This might take a long time to get all the photos, for several reasons. Often it's too cloudy to photograph the moon. Very young and very old moons are quite a challenge to find. Sometimes the moon doesn't rise until well past midnight and I might be fast asleep when the moon is visible. So eventually, I hope to get about 29 1/2 photos of the moon. Wish me luck. At the rate I'm going it might take a while.

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A great book that will help you learn about the moon is "Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars" by Ernest H. Cherrington, Jr., copyright 1969. The book goes into great detail about all the lunar features visible each day of the lunar cycle.

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Photos by:
John French
Planetarium Production Coordinator
Abrams Planetarium
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan, USA

E-mail: frenchj @

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