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Dr. Daniel Hayden

Assistant Professor

ATLAS Exotics Group


Michigan State University.



Welcome to my home page. Here you'll discover useful links & information about my Particle Physics Research at Michigan State University. I am an Assistant Professor, looking at Physics Beyond the Standard Model to help solve presently unexplained phenomena, which as will be explained includes searching for New Theoretical Particles such as the Graviton, using the ATLAS Detector at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland.

One of the questions about Nature and the current Standard Model of Physics is, why out of all the Forces of Nature (Electromagnetism, Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear, and Gravity) is Gravity so weak? For instance, when you pick up a piece of metal with a hand held magnet you may not think about it much, but in fact, that small magnet is beating the Gravitational Pull of the Entire Earth!!!

One possible solution to this is to add Extra Dimensions to our current model as an extension. In these Exotic models, the force of Gravity is posited to be comparable in strength to that of the other forces, while it is only in our 4D world that we feel the force of gravity in its diluted form. However my other interests include everything from Astrophysics (which is what my masters degree was in!), to Low Temperature Physics, and even Philosophy and Psychology. If you have any Questions about MSU or My Work please don't hesitate to contact me.