the Bull

One of the oldest constellations to be recognized in the night sky. The mythology of the constellation is complex and varied. In Roman mythology the bull of Taurus represents the god Jupiter who turned himself into a bull in order to kidnap the maiden Europa, who he took to the island of Crete. In another story the bull is the goddess Io, who was changed in the bull by Jupiter's jealous wife Juno, in order to stop the affair taking place between Io and Jupiter. Within the constellation of Taurus are two beautiful star clusters, the Hyades and the Pleaides. The Hyades are the star the make up of the v-shape of the constellation (excluding the star Aldebaran), the Pleaides (also known as the Seven Sisters) are the small group of stars found on the back of the bull. The constellation of Taurus is easy to spot immediately to the west of Orion the hunter, and is visible throughout the winter.