Michigan State UniversitySpartan Infrared Camera

Project Team

Part of the team responsible for Spartan


Gratitude and thanks is given to the following team members for their contributions. Affliations listed are at the start and/or completion (2009) of the Spartan camera.

Principal Investigator

Ed Loh Michigan State University

Mechanical and Electrical Design

Jason Biel MSU Department of Electrical Engineering
Dale Circle MSU
Dave Keesaer MC Molds, Williamston, MI
René Laporte Astrophysics, INPE, Brazil
Anton Ponischil Intern, Capital Area Career Center

Instrumentalists and Machinists

Robert Bennett P/A Shop
Tom Hudson P/A Shop
Mike Dow MC Molds, Williamston, MI
Jim Muns P/A Shop
Tom Palazzolo P/A Shop Head
Harry Rhodes P/A Shop

Testing and Assembly

Dustin Baker MSU
Brandon Hanold MSU
Steven Robinson MSU
Elissa Samet MSU
Brian Thomas MSU


Tom Carter MSU Chemistry
Jian Jun Chen MSU
Mike Davis Southwestern Research Inst., San Antonio, TX
Miles Loh Okemos High School; University of Chicago
Nathan Verhanovitz Nat. Superconducting Cyclotron Lab, MSU


Ben Lien MSU
Owen Loh Okemos High School; Northwestern University