HiggsPt version 1.1

A program to compute the Higgs boson transverse momentum spectrum,
d2 &sigma/(dpT dy),
at Next-to-Leading order (NLO) in QCD at hadronic colliders. The production occurs via the top-quark loop diagram in the limit of infinite top mass. Note that the computation is at non-zero pT so that the leading order (LO) contribution to the distribution is at &alphas3. The program may also be used to compute the LO distribution for finite top quark mass. See Ref. [1] for details and results.
The distribution contains two distinct versions of the code:
HiggsPt is the basic version for producing the transverse momentum distribution at fixed rapidity or the rapidity distribution at fixed transverse momentum. A second version
HiggsPt_R produces output for use in the transverse momentum resummation program RESBOS [2], on a grid in Higgs mass, rapidity, and transverse momentum.

  1. The source code can be obtained here: HiggsPt_1.1.tar.gz .
  2. Click here for the installation guide .
  3. For guides to the programs and the input file formats, click here for the basic version HiggsPt guide or here for the RESBOS version HiggsPt_R guide .
  4. This introductory page, as well as the installation guide and both program guides, HiggsPt guide and HiggsPt_R guide, is also included in the source code distribution.
  5. Please send questions or comments to schmidt@pa.msu.edu


  1. C.J. Glosser and C.R Schmidt, JHEP 0212 (2002) 016.

  2. Here is a link to the code and references for RESBOS.