Installation guide to gamma2MC version 1.1.1

The program gamma2MC is written in C++. It uses the LHAPDF package, in addition to the standard C++ library. It has been tested on RedHat Linux (kernel release 2.6.9-55.ELsmp), and compiled with the g++ and f77 compilers (version 3.4.6).

Before you can install gamma2MC, you will need a working installation of the LHAPDF package. It can be downloaded from Make sure that the path to its executables (in particular lhapdf-config) is in the system $PATH.

To install the program gamma2MC:

  1. Download the source file gamma2MC_1.1.1.tar.gz. Unpack it by typing on the command line:
    gunzip gamma2MC_1.1.1.tar.gz
    tar -xvf gamma2MC_1.1.1.tar
  2. Now change directories by typing
    cd gamma2MC_1.1.1
    There are four directories here: "bin", "Cincludes", "info", and "src", as well as a Makefile. Just type on the command line
    make install
    This compiles the utility subroutines in the directory "Cincludes" and the main subroutines in "src", which are linked to create the executable "gamma2MC", which is put in the directory "bin".
    You're done with the installation!
  3. To run the program, change directories by typing
    cd bin
    and modify the input file "gamma2MC.indat" as desired. Then type on the command line
    Thats all!
I highly recommend reading the program manual and input-file guide for information on the inputs in the file "gamma2MC.indat".
To go back to the introductory page for the program, click here .
This installation guide, as well as the program manual/input-file guide and introductory page, is also included in the source code distribution in the directory "info".
Please send questions or comments to
Have fun!