Michigan State University

Department of Physics & Astronomy

CMP Seminar Schedule Fall 2015

Mondays at 4:10 pm, Room 1400 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Bldg.
Refreshments at 3:45 pm.

Speaker Title Host
14 September   Chris Leighton
(University of Minnesota)
Engineering Interface Magnetism and Transport via Defect Ordering in Complex Oxide Heterostructure Xianglin Ke
21 September   Alexander Korotkov
(UC Riverside)
Measurement of Superconducting Qubits and Causality Mark Dykman
28 September   Pavel Ostrovsky
(Max Planck Institute for Solid State Physics, Stuttgart)
Anomalous Hall Effect with Massive Dirac Fermions Alex Levchenko
5 October   Deji Akinwande
(University of Texas, Austin)
Silicene and Phosphorene: New Device Physics of Buckled Atomic Sheets David Tománek
12 October   Igor Zutic
(SUNY Buffalo)
Teaching Nanomagnets New Tricks John McGuire
19 October Joachim Ankerhold
(Ulm University)
Josephson Photonics: Quantum Optics Meets Quantum Electronics Mark Dykman
26 October   Jak Chakhalian (University of Arkansas) Exotic Mott and Interacting Topological Phases by Lattice Engineering Chong-Yu Ruan
2 November   Alexey Bezryadin (University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana) Superconducting Quantum Nanodevices Driven by Meissner Currents Alex Levchenko
9 November   Andrew Jordan (University of Rochester)  The Quantum Road Most Taken Mark Dykman
16 November   Dale Van Harlingen (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) Transport and Josephson Phenomena in Hybrid Superconductor-Topological Insulator Devices Stuart Tessmer
23 November   Zhiqiang Mao
(Tulane University)
 Interplay between Magnetism and Superconductivity in Iron Chalcogenides David Tománek
30 November   James Sauls (Northwestern University) Signs of Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry in  Unconventional Superconductors Mark Dykman
7 December   Open TBA  
14 December   Carl Boone
(Boston University)
Magnetodynamics and Spin Transport in Spintronic Thin Film Heterostructures Jack Bass

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