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                 Physics and Astronomy Colloquium
                    Tuesday, February 27, 2001
             4:10pm, Room 118 Physics-Astronomy Bldg.

           From Synthetic Towards Real Fully Developed 
            Turbulence -- Learning from Phenomenology

                 Martin Greiner, Duke University

Turbulence is one of those notorious problems in classical and nonlinear
physics, which so far has not surrendered to the cohorts of physicists.
Over almost a century many tactics have been invented to derive the
statistical properties of fully developed turbulence from the fundamental
hydrodynamical equations, but with little success. Contrary to these
theoretical top-down approaches, a bottom-up approach is presented. The
emphasis is put on understanding the data and the relationship between
various, apparently different data-motivated models first. From there,
more sophisticated phenomenological models are developed, which are
expected to bridge the gap between data and fundamental hydrodynamical

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