Traditionally distinct science disciplines are merging to create new and startling opportunities. Share the excitement and challenge each week through seminars and discussions with nationally recognized pioneers in science at the edge.

Seminars included on this schedule are in these three series: Campus Theory Seminars, Center for Biological Modeling Seminars, and Engineering Interdisciplinary Seminars. A very nice poster of this schedule is available in PDF and PostScript formats.

Fall Semester 2001 Michigan State University
Seminars begin at 11:30 a.m.     Refreshments served at 11:15 a.m.

Friday, September 7 Room 224 Physics-Astronomy Building
  Juyang Weng, Michigan State University
  Autonomous Mental Development by Robots and Animals
Friday, September 21
NOTE: 11:00 am starting time
Room 1208 Engineering Building
  Erdogan Gulari, University of Michigan
  From Idea to Commercialization: Development of a New Biochip
Friday, September 28 Room 224 Physics-Astronomy Building
  Peter Bates, Michigan State University
  Mathematical Modeling of Phase Transitions in Materials
Friday, October 5 Room 1208 Engineering Building
  Susan Sinnott, University of Florida
  Nano-Fluidics and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube-Based Membranes and New Materials
Friday, October 12 Room 224 Physics-Astronomy Building
  Boris Shklovskii, University of Minnesota
  Low Temperature Physics at Room Temperature in Water: Charge Inversion in Chemistry, Biology & Gene Therapy
Friday, October 19 Room 208 Biochemistry Building
  Joe Landman, MSC.Software, Supercomputing
  Scalability Matters: Why We Need to Make Bioinformatics Programs Scalable, and Results from Work on Various Programs
Friday, October 26 Room 208 Biochemistry Building
  Gerhard Hummer, National Institutes of Health
  Computational Analysis of Water and Proton Movements in Proteins
Friday, November 2 Room 1208 Engineering Building
  Ramani Narayan, Michigan State University
  Sustainable Bio-Based Materials
Friday, November 9 Room 224 Physics-Astronomy Building
  Mark Robbins, Johns Hopkins University
  Where Does Friction Come From?
Friday, November 16 Room 1208 Engineering Building
  Christine Schmidt, University of Texas at Austin
  Tissue Engineering Strategies for Nerve Regeneration
Friday, November 30 Room 208 Biochemistry Building
  Alexei Stuchebrukhov, University of California - Davis
  Biological Charge Transfer
Friday, December 7 Room 224 Physics-Astronomy Building
  Geoffrey West, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  The Tree of Life: Universal Scaling Laws in Biology from Molecules and Cells to Whales and Ecosystems

Seminar Organizers:
Campus Theory Seminar:    Room 224 Physics-Astronomy Building
M. F. Thorpe, Physics & Astronomy thorpe@pa.msu.edu
Engineering Interdisciplinary Seminars:    Room 1208 Engineering Building
Virginia Ayres, Electrical & Computer Engineering ayresv@egr.msu.edu
John McGrath, Mechanical Engineering mcgrath@msu.edu
Center for Biological Modeling Seminar:    Room 208 Biochemistry Building
Shelagh Ferguson-Miller, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology fergus20@msu.edu
Leslie Kuhn, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology kuhn@agua.bch.msu.edu

Seminar details, including links to speaker homepages, are at:
http://www.pa.msu.edu/seminars/ctss/ and http://biomodel.msu.edu/SeminarSeries.htm

Prior semesters: Spring 2001