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What is ACCEPT?
The simple explanation:
ACCEPT is a research tool for astrophysicists interested in galaxy clusters.
What makes ACCEPT unique is that it is a large, uniformly analyzed database of
many cluster properties. Such a database is useful for many research areas, for example,
when making comparisons between simulations and observations.
The involved explanation:
Thorough details of this project are presented in two papers:

(1) Donahue, Megan; Horner, Donald J.; Cavagnolo, Kenneth W.; Voit, G. Mark
"Entropy Profiles in the Cores of Cooling Flow Clusters of Galaxies"

(2) Cavagnolo, Kenneth W.; Donahue, Megan; Voit, G. Mark; Sun, Ming
"Intracluster Medium Entropy Profiles for a Chandra Archival Sample of Galaxy Clusters"

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