PHY 853: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Fall 1999: MW 12:40-2:00pm, Rm 209 PA (& T 5:30-7:00pm, Th 5:00-6:30pm Rm 120)

PHY 854: Relativistic Quantum Field Theory
Spring 2000: TBA

1.02.99: FInal Grades posted

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Instructor: Chip Brock
207 PA and 251C PA
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Plan of the courses
Lectures are twice a week...however, watch the left hand space above for last minute instructions. Please read your email each morning for updates.

Course material is all from lectures with problem sets assigned approximately every three weeks. The "at work" link takes you to homework sets.

Grades are based on problem sets and take-home final.

Goals of the courses
The topics covered include: Group Theory; Linear Algebra; Formal Quantum Mechanics; Dirac Equation; Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Topics covered include: Classical Field Theory; Relativistic Field Theory; Covariant Perturbation Theory; Feynman Diagram Techniques; Renormalization; QED and classical weak interactions (maybe)

There are no required textbooks, rather the bookstore should have a supply of useful texts which I've selected for their variety. They differ in approach and level of detail.
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Chip Brock